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Why I Love Film Photography

One of the reasons I love photography is making memories.  I believe we should let our children see how it was time ago : what kept us interested,  what we did and where we travelled, how we celebrated Christmas.  History of our families can be written on the paper and captured with a camera. Memories fade away in time if we don’t try to remember them. 
 I may look very sentimental talking about film photography but what can I do if that inspires me.  I noticed there are people who have a growing interest in film and those who don’t understand it.  Well, everyone has an opinion. Personally  there were no better pictures for me to look at than photos of my parents in love and their wedding. Being a small girl I couldn’t get the secret. Why do they look so special?  These photos are not taken to show you one flash, they show emotions.

Nowadays film cameras are symbol of old times. And that’s great that young generation gets a desire to explore this art. I still remember the first moment I was introduced to film photography. I mean when it was a deliberate action, because in childhood I didn’t pay attention. So we had an old camera home which wasn’t being used for years.  That day I wanted to try something special and I’m thankful it happened.  Watching the sun go down and playing with 24 frames I felt like an impatient kid. I developed  film directly after the shoot.  

Looking at the prints I couldn’t keep myself from raptures. Wow, what  a magic of soft colours and aesthetic grain!  This is what makes picture so classic and real. Smiles look happier, while sadness becomes obvious.  Change the light and you will get another mood. Since then I’ve been trying different film cameras in cold and sunny weather. Every shoot was unique. 

Film photography is not as convenient as digital. You should be attentive to each shot you take.  Hesitation increases the chance of wasting a frame. Just try to feel the mood, check everything is set properly ( I had some really horrible situations when flash didn’t work and all my work was ruined).  There is no view or delete button. Yes, it’s a challenge for people who are ready to be patient and deliberate. But trust me, once you try using film – you will see it’s worth the effort.
Discover film photography, take priceless photographs and share them with your family and friends! 

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  1. I totally agree!
    I love looking at the photos from my childhood- all members of my family are sitting near the Christmas tree, it looks so magical :) Photography is something than helps us to remember these beautiful moments :)

  2. I completely agree, I love my digital camera but there is something about film that just hits a different way, it's hard to explain to people what I mean by that. My next camera purchase is going to be a film camera (hopefully). I even like using disposable camera too, there's something about now being able to go back and delete a picture I didn't think looked good, you just kinda have to deal with it and usually those that you think won't be any good turn out to be your favorite.

    Thanks for commenting on my post by the way. Awesome blog, you just got a new follower, I need to follow more people that love photography as much as I do!



    1. Thank you for kind words:) Exactly, pictures you thought would turn out bad become the best and fovourite! Hope you will buy film camera because this will change much:)

  3. you wrote what I would have liked to say about photography, especially film photography. Thank you for that!
    And for sharing your beautiful Images!

    I returned to Shooting film when I inherited a Canon AE1 from my father. This has been two years ago and in the meantime my Equipment grew and I nearly am using my "old" Equipment exclusively. There is something with this way of taking Pictures which is hard to explain to digital shooters.

    Thanks again for your blog - I'm sure I will return :)

    1. thank you for visiting and sharing you opinion, Thomas:) I like the look of Canon AE1 and photohraphs look great!
      I'm happy you liked the post:)