вторник, 28 октября 2014 г.

Fields of Gold In Moldova

Some places let you find your happiness, some make you homesick while other help you to release emotions and take a break after whatever has been heppening this year. This time it was Moldova - place that's all about beautiful sunsents, golden fields, and amazing food.

Every time I'm going to visit Moldova I feel like I need to cross the waters and deserts to reach it. Strangely enough it's pretty close to our borders and shouldnt take so long. But the lack of direct trains and tiresome changes made me suffer a bit. Well, long trips have positive sides too:) I wouldn't say I mind living in the village surrounded by vast fields for some time, but certainly prefer the city. However every short travel is always a good change especially if you spend most of the time in the same place.

What's actually good about Moldova? I think one of the best things to mention is food. Moldovans are great cooks, or at least I was lucky:) Most of the food they cook with comes from their gardens They have no need to go to the shops. Wonderful nature is another benefit. Every evening i was watching the sun go down walking with my lovely dog in maize field. People have farms and ride horses to get to the city (not talking about the capital). 
All in all I spent a great time and came back home with a fresh mind and positive feeling.

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