пятница, 31 октября 2014 г.

Get Over Autumn Spleen

I never know what to expect from Autumn. Some of them drove me crazy with unpredictable failure, some brought to happiness, but what warms my heart is that I got over the bad periods and remember them with a smile.

вторник, 28 октября 2014 г.

Fields of Gold In Moldova

Some places let you find your happiness, some make you homesick while other help you to release emotions and take a break after whatever has been heppening this year. This time it was Moldova - place that's all about beautiful sunsents, golden fields, and amazing food.

суббота, 25 октября 2014 г.

Why I Love Film Photography

One of the reasons I love photography is making memories.  I believe we should let our children see how it was time ago : what kept us interested,  what we did and where we travelled, how we celebrated Christmas.  History of our families can be written on the paper and captured with a camera. Memories fade away in time if we don’t try to remember them. 

понедельник, 20 октября 2014 г.


How many pictures you keep on your phone?  Mine is always run out of space.  Every time I’m going to delete 30 copies of the same angle  I examine the pics for a minute and keep them all. It would seem I take photos of anything. In fact, I often capture some trifle,  and  then in a year I am touched considering this pic as great. Not technically great , it just takes you back to the meaningful moments.

Somewhere In London

Многим знакома ситуация, когда возвращаешься из путешествия и все вокруг начинают атаковать вопросом "Ну как там? Понравилось?" Я, например, каждый раз теряюсь. Это настолько обширная тема, что краткий ответ порой вызывает недоумение. Но и рассказывать в мельчайших подробностях как настоящий фанат не всегда уместно (ценю время других людей))
Вспоминая Лондон, я осознаю, что это был один из лучших периодов в моей жизни.

четверг, 16 октября 2014 г.

Love My City

I am so happy to be born in the city where even early mornings don’t look gloomy and bleak and you wake up without thoughts of having another ordeal day.  Each season changes the weather in your heart.  Going out I find it necessary to take a camera as most of the time I see splendid views I'd like to watch later with my friends.. Fortunately phone saves me sometimes.

Don't Miss Out On Youth

I think my conscientiousness makes me look at the calender and realize how many things i could do last week/month/year. I remember myself at school being so inspired and creative person. And I try to catch that feeling now. I'm not saying I've become a complete sluggard, but something changed. Whatever the reason is I should get this powerful incentive back.

Do you know the feeling when you actually have many interests but dont master any of them at a high level. You just dont devote enough time to make them work. Or, maybe you dont believe they will work. Personally I enjoy freedom here. I try to listen to myself and come back to my hobbies and interests when i feel so. Pressure doesnt make me more productive. Inspiration is the kea. Naturally it cant be constant, but everyone needs rest sometimes:)

So I guess if you have something you really enjoy - keep working on it without thinking of the outcome - usually its unpredictable anyway. Give yourself that sense of pleasure. It doesnt matter you are not professional and have no experience. Whole life seems not enough to get experience in everything you like. But it doesnt mean you should forget your hobbies.  We are only young once. Why not use this exclusive opportunity for your best? Above all find what is best for you, not for someone else.

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