пятница, 31 октября 2014 г.

Get Over Autumn Spleen

I never know what to expect from Autumn. Some of them drove me crazy with unpredictable failure, some brought to happiness, but what warms my heart is that I got over the bad periods and remember them with a smile.
Listening to people' "troubles" I wonder how they would abide REAL trouble. So in case the only reason of your autumn spleen is raining outside and failed exam - well..you can do nothing about it and complain about how miserable life is, or you can start loving it for what you have today and hope you will have more tomorrow. Don't forget that the more you are dissatisfied with your life (which is probably quite good, or even amazing) the less positive feeling you get.

I believe the usual sadness comes when you have nothing to do. So if you find yourself sitting and OVERthinking - stand up and distract, do something productive for yourself, or for someone:) If you have no hobbies and nothing cheers you up- that's a bad sign cause you are more likely to degrade. I guess the way out of this situation is pretty easy. But the obstacle for most people is a self-pity. We like to think that things are bad for us at the moment because it is more comfortable than putting an effort to cope with it, so we decide to admit we are sad.

Try to change your attitute and find something that makes you smile.The best thing - meet someone who will make you smile. I really think we should isolate ourselves from negative people or those who keep us from developing. Another thing that works for me is making surroundings beautiful. I don't mean expensive brands. Look at your room, your plates, yourself. Sometimes it's enough to light a candle, buy beautiful dishes and colourful gloves to feel better:)

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