среда, 17 декабря 2014 г.

Graceful Serenity

I'm so delighted to share these photos with you! I've been keeping them untouched for a long time, waiting for the proper moment. And today it happened:) Anastasia is my friend, girl with amazing natural beauty and gorgeous hair (I'm sure you've already noticed). I'm saying with no doubt that she is one of the most beautiful girls I ever seen. Honestly:) I love taking photos of her but only these were made with a film camera. 

That late Autumn we've been swamped with studying trying to spend at least one great day off. Thinking about what we could do we agreed on walking in the park and taking some photos. Weather was on our side and warm sun perfectly lit Anastasia's hair. 

I love the way she looks so pure and modest in this cozy sweater, still so stunning and seductive in the red dress. That's why I think girl can put her best foot forward and stay elegant. 

четверг, 11 декабря 2014 г.

Notice The Best

When you get out of bed on the wrong side and coffee burns your tongue, the next thing you most likely to expect is forgetting important papers home and missing the bus. And when it works like expected you are ready to blame everything and everyone. Some people even call it stress. But trust me, you may find yourself alone in another country with no luggage or money, you may have issues at work and meet the rudest people on your way. This is life, and it's normal. If you are alive and healthy - you are allright. Your problems will be solved in time, but your attitude to them can push people away as who wants to communicate with someone who is always dissatisfied and moody?

In any case, there is always something to be happy about. Being able to like little things is a great start. Try to ignore the cons and focus on pros. You may notice that you turn away from something or someone just because of 1 thing you don't like. Even though it has 10 things you will love. Waking up we notice a terrible weather outside, grey views or, as mentioned above - bad coffee. But as Russians say: "Nature has no bad weather, any weather is bliss" And if you look around you will certainly find a reason to smile. Be patient, don't let your emotions ruin stability, and believe that troubles end. Tomorrow or in a week - they will be over. Your life, life of your family, friends and beloved - that's what's important.

Wish you great December days and perfect mood! Here are some peaceul pictures that still remind of  warm Autumn days :)

суббота, 6 декабря 2014 г.

Goodbye To Autumn

I think Autumn is the most harmonious and peaceful period of the year. Great opportunity to devote your time and thoughts to yourself and your family. No rush, panic or regret. You do not meet many people, you hardly talk and often want to be on your own. If you can be happy alone - you will be happy with another person and able to give the best in return. 

This placid season was so beautiful and warm, suggesting a great time with a book and film camera. Looking through the window I couldnt' stay home and got out to hear rustling of dry red leaves. This is the same place you could see in the previous post - Palace of Alexander III, which is located 10 min away from my house. My favourite place for walking and thinking. When I'm there I feel a very special energy, I think it is the effect of luxurious Palace but still very quite surrounding. Let's spend some time there

понедельник, 1 декабря 2014 г.

For XO Magazine

Сегодня так дождливо, что, кажется, город замер и вот-вот над людьми нависнет туча зимней усталости и меланхолии. Но впадать в это состояние я не хочу. Декабрь - один из моих любимых месяцев в году. К тому же, совсем скоро будет приятное рождественское оживление и сотня зимних фотографий. А пока это время только подтягивается, я пересматриваю летние фото и греюсь воспоминаниями. Вот, например, одно из приятнейших - моя первая публикация в журнале XO Magazine. Такая детская радость, когда то, что скромно таилось лишь в твоих папках нравится кругу профессионалов. 

А все начиналось с идеи поснимать на крыше моего дома - одной из высших точек в городе, откуда открывается потрясающий вид на лес, горы и море. В целом, очень люблю съемку на природе, она мне кажется более естественной и гармоничной. 
После крыши мы прогулялись к Александровскому дворцу и забрались на скалы, где ветер настойчиво развевал платье, которое и без того безумно воздушное.