четверг, 16 октября 2014 г.

Love My City

I am so happy to be born in the city where even early mornings don’t look gloomy and bleak and you wake up without thoughts of having another ordeal day.  Each season changes the weather in your heart.  Going out I find it necessary to take a camera as most of the time I see splendid views I'd like to watch later with my friends.. Fortunately phone saves me sometimes.

It is reasonable that living here from birth you don’t always notice the sea, mountains and forest – you just take them for granted. Nevertheless I try to appreciate  every day spent in Yalta as I distinctly remember grey scenery of other places. But it's not only about picture around. People seem to be more relaxed, calm and peaceful. 

Yalta is called The City of Happiness. Hard to disagree! Yes, I understand that we are the one responsible for this state of mind, but trust me, beautiful city makes difference. 

You can notice the Black Sea has many spirits

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