суббота, 5 сентября 2015 г.

I would fly you to the Sun and back

My home was never a place I wanted to leave. I'm always proud of it, describing it as magnificent peninsula with amazing nature. My family, my friends - I love them. This was the first time I stepped out the house with suitcase, knowing that I'm not coming back soon. It's been already half a year now and I promise, time could never be so fast for me.

I'm truly happy that I was stubborn and patient enough to achieve what I wanted. It was not easy at all to move to this country due to many things. And while others just repeated : " You tried, you did what you could, time to have another plan', I just kept trying again. 

Some people would think I'm crazy to leave Crimea for Qatar. But happiness is not only about a place. I'm having a wonderful time of my life even in the city with dreadful heat and poor nature. Plus this is another chance to fall in love with my hometown and appreciate it every time I visit. 

Among all positive things that I have here there is something I'm hungry for - photography. Unfortunately since I came I just made few shots trying to save frames for the future. I didn't realize there is a real problem with film in Doha. They don't sell film in the stores and if they do, it's somewhere far away or online. Also because of religion it's not allowed to take pictures openly everywhere. 

Luckily my job is located in the sport zone where we have a wonderful park. Not the best idea to walk there in the hottest time, but for evenings its amazing place to relax.

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