четверг, 11 декабря 2014 г.

Notice The Best

When you get out of bed on the wrong side and coffee burns your tongue, the next thing you most likely to expect is forgetting important papers home and missing the bus. And when it works like expected you are ready to blame everything and everyone. Some people even call it stress. But trust me, you may find yourself alone in another country with no luggage or money, you may have issues at work and meet the rudest people on your way. This is life, and it's normal. If you are alive and healthy - you are allright. Your problems will be solved in time, but your attitude to them can push people away as who wants to communicate with someone who is always dissatisfied and moody?

In any case, there is always something to be happy about. Being able to like little things is a great start. Try to ignore the cons and focus on pros. You may notice that you turn away from something or someone just because of 1 thing you don't like. Even though it has 10 things you will love. Waking up we notice a terrible weather outside, grey views or, as mentioned above - bad coffee. But as Russians say: "Nature has no bad weather, any weather is bliss" And if you look around you will certainly find a reason to smile. Be patient, don't let your emotions ruin stability, and believe that troubles end. Tomorrow or in a week - they will be over. Your life, life of your family, friends and beloved - that's what's important.

Wish you great December days and perfect mood! Here are some peaceul pictures that still remind of  warm Autumn days :)

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