воскресенье, 23 ноября 2014 г.

Yalta. Katherine. Film

This post comes straight from my heart while I'm still in this happy nostalgic mood. I just literally got off the train and met my best friend. Everytime we walk together it seems like we live somewhere far and every corner is a tourist attraction. I wish we could meet much more often as we view this life and admire things on the same level. On the other hand, I'd rather meet someone precious to me rarely than communicate with people I don't have anything common with often. 

I have loads of photos made in Yalta, but not with a film camera. So I'm also happy to capture this stormy weather and empty beaches. The Black Sea looks unique to me and  looking at someone's photo at the sea I can easily recognize it. It's so changable even so always delightful. These places may mean something only to me and people who live here, but showing these photos I really hope you also have the cities that make you feel and true friends that make you happy!

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  1. yays for shooting film! I especially adore the last photo, with the waves!

  2. Oh wow!! Like still from a movie. The mountain in the background is amazing.

  3. Wow these photos are amazing- it looks so beautiful there. I have a bff that lives away from me too, and every time we finally get together it's heaven. I love exploring and having those days to do something big, but oh how I wish she were there for like the errands and grocery shopping- it would make it much more fun!


  4. So beautiful and inspiration photos, great!
    best regards from Spain :)

    heartbeat blog

  5. Such a nice shot of the crashing waves!

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  6. So inspiring pictures, like the touch of melancholy of this post!